Поминки, проводы, гробки. Tuesday, Apr 17 2007 

img_2240.jpgOn the Way   img_2242.jpg By The Church    img_2243.jpgGravesimg_2245.jpgMy Dads Father, And Grandmother Graves img_2247.jpgimg_2248.jpgimg_2251.jpg Granny Wallia and her Cute Chi-hua-hua img_2258.jpg A Lonly Grave, (so sad)

Each year after eastern, there is one week where all Ortodox Christians that respect their relatives have to go to the cemetery (graveyard) and have a funeral repast.
Today on the 17th April, my father got all our grannys together like the sisters and brothers  of my dead grandfather(my fathers father) and other close to him family members and we went to visit him and my great grandmother next to him(my fathers, mothers mom). I was as usually the youngest i was actually the only young one from everybody there besides my mom. Because everybody works today or just dont have enough memory on him or just lazy and dont think its necessary. As for me, he was the closted persoon on earth to me because back then as i was a little girl everybody were too busy working and my mom went to university, only my grand father was home and so he raised me.
Well, we got all our grannys together and granny Wallia which is about 70 years old brought her new one-month old chi-hua-hua which i found kind of funny. Before picking them up we went to the mall and baught a whole bunch of food, as we got there my dad sat up a table and we ate and drunk, later i helped my grandmother to clean the tombstone (grave-stone) and we put new flowers on it. The whole time she was crying sielently and whispering something,  iguess she was talking to her dead  mother and her husband which are burried side by side.
I was hard to take it, but i knew once i cry i will make it harder for myself and everybody else. What i always been wondering about is that my grat grandmother was born in 1888 and died in 1973 and so was i born in 88 just 100 years later so does that mean i will die in 2073 or around that year? I dont know why but i always been thinking about that.
I remember my grandfatehr telling me that he onoy wants to live through untill the year 2000 it was his last goal in life and he reached it he lived untill christmas 2001.

Something me and my father also realised is that so many peaople died on cancer and its definitly not by chance that they all died exactly ten years after chernobil.
I took pictures for those who never went to such an event, it mightnot be right to call it event but as we came there i couldnt believe how many people were there,  ihtought down town krichyatik is full,


HITLERS RISE TO POWER Friday, Apr 13 2007 


April 20, 1889, Hitler was born in the small Austrian

village of
Braunau, near the border of German Bavaria. No body knew that he will once lead a movement that placed supreme importance on a person’s family tree
even making it a matter of life and death. However, his own family tree was quite mixed up and would be a lifelong source of embarrassment and concern to him. It is possible that Adolf Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. Alois his father, had always used the last name of his mother, Schicklgruber, and thus was always called Alois Schicklgruber. However, when it came time to write the name down in the record book it was spelled as Hitler even his whole life long his last name was Hiedler. And so in 1876 at age 39, Alois Schicklgruber became Alois Hitler.
By the age of 5 Adolf Hitler had gotten a sister called Paula, and he was called Adi. In May of 1895 as he was six years old, he entered first grade in the public school in the
village of
Fischlham, near Linz
The Oldest son on the Hitler faliny names Alois Jr. was beatin and had to listen to harsh words coming from own father, after a year he couldnt handle it no more and ran away from home. Adolf was 7 by that time and already in school, he was the next in fathers line.   A. Hitler said himself that he was an argumentative little ring leader who liked to stay outside and hang around with ‘husky’ boys. His half brother Alois later described him as quick to anger and spoiled by his indulgent mother.   One day, young Hitler went rummaging through his father’s book collection and came across several of a military nature, including a picture book on the War of 1870-1871 between the Germans and the French. By Hitler’s own account, this book became an obsession. He read it over and over, becoming convinced it had been a glorious event.  “It was not long before the great historic struggle had become my greatest spiritual experience. From then on, I became more and more enthusiastic about everything that was in any was connected with war or, for that matter, with soldering.” – Hitler stated in his book Mein KampfAdolf was always fastinated of war, beginning in the young age. As other children played with toys and other things young Afolf played war with his friends, and as they didnt want to play no more he he went on and found new boys to play with and continue.  “I thought that once my father saw what little progress I was making at the (technical school) he would let me devote myself to the happiness I dreamed of.”
— Hitler explained in Mein Kampf
There were frequent arguments at home between young Hitler and his father over his career choice. But his stubborn father refused to listen. And so a bitter struggle began between father and son. In January, 1903, Hitler’s father died suddenly of a lung hemorrhage, leaving his thirteen year old son as head of the Hitler household.  German Worker’s PartySoon after the war in
Munich, Hitler was recruited to join a military intelligence unit (the Press and Propaganda Department of Group Command IV of the Reichswehr), and was assigned to keep tabs on the German Worker’s Party. He saw this party as a vehicle to reach his political ends. His blossoming hatred of the Jews became part of the organization’s political platform. Hitler built up the party, he kept attention with his smartly made speeches and his hypnosis. Following the collapse of the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler and Ludendorff were tried for treason. In recognition of his services to
Germany during the war, Ludendorff was acquitted. The conservative judges allowed Hitler to use his trial as a propaganda forum for his ideas. Hitler was convicted but sentenced to a term of only five years imprisonment at Landsberg where he would remain only 8 months. During his stay, Hitler put together the first part of his book Mein Kampf.
As he came back out of prison he didn’t think about stopping, no he thought about how to resize his power and started calling for the German people to resist the yoke of Jews and Communists, and to create a new empire which would rule the world for 1,000 years. In 1924, Hitler promptly reestablished the NSDAP in
Munich. The party was organized according to the Führer principle: it was headed by the Führer, his deputy, and the national leadership with the Reichsleiter heading nation wide departments of the party.
The National Socialist ideology contained several basic points: Antisemitism, nationalism, militarism, and anti-communism. Jews were racially alien to
Europe and were supposed to be the source of all European troubles, especially Communis. Second, Germany should become the strongest country in
Europe because Germans were racially superior to other Europeans and should lead everyone else, even against their will. Third, force was seen as the bottom line in all of nature and in human life. The campaign against the Jews was intensified following the adoption of the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. These laws defined a Jew as any person with at least one Jewish grandparent. Some 2.5 million Germans, in addition to the 600,000 who regarded themselves as Jews, were affected by this definition. The Nuremberg Laws deprived Jews of their rights as citizens, and Jews were barred from marrying non-Jews.

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Ukrainian Educational Center and American Library Friday, Apr 6 2007 

First I went to the American Library and as i walked in, a really “nice” woman started to talk to me. It all ended with her almost kickingme back out, so i had to get Ms.Gray to tell her I’m a student. Then as i looked at the books, i found so many things that seemed interesting but nothing that i really needed. I found books and magazines for micro-economics and for Business class but nothing that i needed for my last research work.
Even as i sat on the computer there, i couldnt find anything useful, it was pretty irritating. And i was sad because i had a really long way behind me, i had to drive 40 minutes to town and then on the other side of it also, standing in traffic and looking for it just to get there and it wasnt even useful.

Then a few days later, i went to the Ukrainian Educational Center and it was much smaller and SO hard to find. We needed about an hour to find it and on our way we ran into two other students from our Composition class that looked for the library, also. As we finally found it, everything went pretty fast, thanks to the computer they have there. You just have to type in what you are looking for and it gives you all the info you need. If they have a book with that subject, where it is, if its handed out, when it will be returned. Everything was so uncomplicated and didn’t take much time.
I would definitly go there again.

Rsearch (History Matters) Friday, Apr 6 2007 

For my research work i decided to talk about Hitler. I will make a research about how it was before WWII and how Hitler got to such an power. For help i will use two interviews, one that i took with my cousin from Germany and one with my dad.
Stalin will be involved too. I decided that i want to know more about it because i seen a lot of it on TV mostly on German channels. I saw a show about WWII, about Hitlers women, how he entered so many country’s and took over, who were his closest followers and so on. It always interested me and I’m sure i will find out even more about it.

Hitler was a powerful man, that used physiology and the theory of Karl Marx a German writer to start communism, and he were the cause of World War Two.

Interview With An Older Person Friday, Apr 6 2007 

In Our English composition class, Ms.Gray invited 4 older woman and our class was split in groups.

Our group was listening to Anna, she told us about her life story. She was talking about so many things that touched all of us deep. How they had to leave their home, how her father got arrested. She had to go from door to door with her two older brothers and her mom to survive and they done any kind of work for a little bit food or clothing.
After all she got left behind in a village and her brother also. Her mom left to Kiev to find their father, and returned only years later.
Now she sat there, healthy and wealthy telling us so horrible things with tears coming down her eyes, it was eally hard to watch knowing that she see all those horrible things in her head once again. Suddenly i felt such a respect for her, she is a really strong woman. Its unbelievable how life used to be in Ukraine, all those poor people walked on the same streets we are walking on today and we think we have so many problems with job,school,relationships and money. But back then the people walked on the street with empty stomachs, thinking about their next meal and if they will see a tomorrow. From that day on, i see older people with other eyes. I think about what they might had lived through, and i want to hear all their stories.

Memories Of A British Agent Friday, Mar 30 2007 

Lockhart, Robert Bruce left Moscow in April 1913 and went by train down to Kiev. the cradle of Russian history and the holy city of the Orthodox Church. When he woke up after a whole night in the train he could see green fields and delicious white cottages glistening in the warm sunshine.
Although full of wounded, kiev had far more war-spirit than moscow. Indeed, right up to the revolution, the nearer one came to the front, the more optimistic was the prevailing sentiment.
He was a very sensitive man, very emotional. As he saw some Austrian prisoners going to cold Siberia he felt a deep pity in his heart. One of them were singing Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana. Everybody in the train were standing and after he stopped singing they clapped loudly. He arrived in Kiev on Friday at mid-day and spent his time with wandering about the town looking at he churches, of which there are almost as many as in Moscow. After Moscow it was a relief to see hills and real rivers, finally. He noticed that Kiev was almost more Jewish then christian. He went to see the Vladimir Hill, and the Dnieper which he was so fascinated of. He drove down to the Suspension Bridge to have a look at the town from the plain. In the evening he went to SantSofia and attended the mid-night service there. Finally on Easter Monday he went to see the famous Kiev Lavra that is and was the main touristic spot in Kiev. He really enjoyed it and once again millions of thought rushed through his head. As he left Kiev the weather changed from happy sunny to rainy and Kiev showed its beautiful gray colors. Leaving Kiev behind, he knew he will keep this trip in mind, and that this memory will never fade away.

Letting God Back In Tuesday, Mar 20 2007 

” Prayer, long banned from schools, is making a post-terror comeback. No one is protesting yet” It says in the TIME magazine.
At the High school Thomas Jefferson for Science and technoligy Rev. Jesse jackson took the stage and told the stundents and teachers to stand up and hold each others hands for a prayer. This caused alot of distraction, because at national High School are many different people with different nationalitys and religions. Still after the Sep.11th Praying for World freedom is a big subject. especially for young people. Nothin Carolina is extreamlie involving themselfs. They came up with special programms to talk about the Bible and to pray. Itb used to me iligal to do such stuff but since that tragic day that caused so many deaths this became a big subject. Even on football stadiums before the games start people joined in the stadium for a wide-prayer. John Burruss was holding the prtayer and he said ” People in time of crisis and drawn to their faith, they turn their eyes to God and their country… ”  But the real question is wether, in a time of crisis, they’re ready to erase the line between the two.

Morse, Jodie. The Fear Factor, TIME,Letting God back In”
October,22, 2001 page, 71

MLA Tuesday, Mar 20 2007 

What i learned about MLA is that it makes it easier to find the source where you get your info from.
You can use it for yourself as a help to re-read stuff or for others to take a closer look at things you been working on.

It works like this: First you have to write the name of the author, starting with the last name, then in ” the article title or the name of the source. Then underline the name of the magazine or book, in ( ) follows the year or the issue number and then the page numbers. If its an online source you should put the URL in the end.

Once you written it a few times, it goes automatically!

Unforgettable Moment (Merci,Paris) Wednesday, Mar 14 2007 

Now Andie MacDowell says “I was far from home as i’d even been, and being myself was all that mattered” with a smile on her face knowing that she finally reached her dream of being a famous model that made it from the little sate of US, South Carolina. With the young age of 20 years in 1978 she came to New York, the city that never sleeps to start her career. She just signed a contract with the Elite Modeling Agency, New York is all about the club and drug scene and everybody was about having a good time and party, she thought. But soon she found out that she was wrong, She came there to achieve something to love her dream and New York made it possible. Soon she was relocated in France, Paris. Elite put her in a huge three bed-room apartment in an artsy neighborhood, where she lived with a girl from Switzerland and Finland. As Andie MacDowell first worked for designers like Christian Dior, she didnt even have a clue who they were. In the interview she also says with disbelieve that she actually went to the house of Yves Saint Laurent without make up, she explained that it was a whole different world for her back then. One of the first people she met in Paris was Oliver Chandon, heir to the moet&Chandon Champagne business, which soon became her boyfriend. He didnt drink or smoke just like her so they both could go out and have a nice time out without dropping of his motorcycle afterwards. Years later Andie MacDowell became a professional model in France and everything went great in her live. she said: ” I believe that the best way to approach life is with sincere interest and joy. I was born Rosalie Anderson MacDowell, and the locals still call me Rose. i happily answer to that.

MacDowell, Andie. “Unforgettable Moment” 
       Reader’s Digest, March 2002. page 69-72

Logical Fallacies Wednesday, Mar 14 2007 

Logical fallacies can be a lot of different things. There are for example, Appeal To Authority, Statement Of Conversion, Stolen Concept, Begging The Question (Assuming The Answer, Tautology) , or like False Cause which actually means that we assume that if two things are somehow related that one thing caused the other or change it. For example when i wake up and step up with he left foot first i always have a bad day, or when I don’t wear my purple scarf on a Yankee game, they will lose.
Logical fallacies are “quotes” “thoughts” or “acts” that are logical and understandable but they are not true so they are just fallacies, something people like to think. Everything has a few sites of view and cant be seen from one corner one perspective. Fallacies are statements that might sound reasonable or superficially true but are actually flawed or dishonest.


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